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Dr. Jon Mendelsohn

Dr. Jon Mendelsohn

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Double Board-Certified Surgeon

As a double board-certified Cincinnati plastic surgeon and expert hair transplant specialist, Dr. Jon Mendelsohn understands that hair loss can have a devastating impact on his patients' lives. Thinning hair and bald spots can make it difficult to wear your preferred hairstyle or cause embarrassment in situations when you cannot cover up with a baseball cap. Regain control of your looks and your life with the SmartGraft hair transplant technology at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center. SmartGraft hair transplant restores a lush, full head of hair in as little as one appointment.

Discover how the experience, skill, and sensitivity of Dr. Mendelsohn combine to help empower patients and enhance their lives. What separates Dr. Mendelsohn from many other hair transplant surgeons is his ability to capture the natural beauty potential of the individual patient, based on each patient’s personal aesthetic goals. His surgical artistry, combined with advanced techniques and a caring touch, has set the standard for excellence in hair transplant surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Given his extensive training in facial plastic surgery, he is unique in the hair transplantation field with his aesthetic background, and is able to offer combined facial plastic surgery and hair restoration procedures for those patients seeking a more youthful appearance.

Why People Choose Dr. Jon Mendelsohn

Double board-certified plastic surgeon with 35+ years of experience.

Double board-certified plastic surgeon with 35+ years of experience.

Top-rated hair transplant specialist in Cincinnati.

Top-rated hair transplant specialist in Cincinnati.

Since 1988, he has performed thousands of aesthetic procedures.

Since 1988, he has performed thousands of aesthetic procedures.

The Advanced SmartGraft FUE System

Dr. Mendelsohn offers one of the most advanced hair restoration technologies available today: the SmartGraft hair restoration system.

SmartGraft uses FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology which can be one simple solution for hair loss in both men and women. The SmartGraft system was developed by a leading team of physicians, medical scientists, and engineers who understood the importance of helping to assist physicians with their FUE surgeries to give patients an alternative to the visible linear scarring that occurs with the traditional strip method.

SmartGraft uses a less intrusive method to restore hair loss than the strip method. Through a process known as “fue hair restoration,” SmartGraft uses your own hair to produce the most natural results. The procedure is completed in-office, during a single visit, which means less discomfort and less recovery. And the best part? SmartGraft produces permanent results.

FUE with SmartGraft poses countless benefits over the older strip method of hair restoration, so it is no wonder that many patients are asking for SmartGraft. Among the benefits of a SmartGraft procedure are:

  • Lifetime results
  • Minimally invasive
  • A single, in-office procedure
  • A completely natural look
  • No linear scar
  • Fast recovery

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SmartGraft procedure hurt?

The SmartGraft hair transplant is an outpatient procedure that requires only a local anesthetic. During the procedure, you will feel virtually no pain. Although you may feel a little bit of discomfort and swelling following your procedure, these symptoms should go away in 1 to 3 days.

Is the SmartGraft procedure permanent?

Yes. The procedure takes permanent hair from the sides and back of your head and transplants it into areas where your hair has thinned out. Because the hair is taken from areas of the head that are not typically affected by male pattern baldness, it lasts permanently after being transplanted.

Will people notice my hair restoration procedure?

Since any scarring resulting from the procedure is insignificant and the new hair grows in gradually, it is less likely that people will know you had a hair restoration procedure. If anything, they will probably just notice that you look much better!

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